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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condition

Warmest  Greeting to All Our Exclusive Players

We are the first to introduce you to a live online entertainment platform that is unique and brings together a lot of great betting games. Co8bet is bound to bring you a subversive gaming experience beyond your imagination. Whether you like sports betting, live entertainment, slot games or 4D games, you can find your heart in the Co8bet. We guarantee that you can enjoy the freshness and excitement brought by the various live-action entertainment games in a safe, stable and smooth betting environment all the time!

Reporting Unusual Betting Patterns

The onus is of course on a betting site to detect unusual betting patterns and to then be able to prove that something untoward has gone on with the betting event those bets were placed on. CO8BET reserves the right to terminated any above said account & forfeit any winning & credit without further notice. 

ONE player is only allowed to have ONE registered account in CO8BET. If we found that the player has multiple accounts, CO8BET has the right to terminate all of the accounts and credits will be frozen permanently.CO8BET reserves the right to terminated any duplicated account, IP Address, Full Name, Bank Account or others violation account.